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Homer simpson 421 likes a collection of quotes from one of the free-thinkers of our time, homer j simpson. The simpsons was created by matt groening and developed by groening, james l brooks and sam simon lisa, marge, maggie, homer and bart first appeared on april 19, 1987, as a cartoon short the. You may not believe it, but saturday marks the 62nd birthday of the four-fingered, donut-loving, beer-drinking homer simpson here are some of his finest utterances. The simpsons season 19 ( - 20070923) quotes on planetclairetv he loves to fly and he d'ohs i will not wait twenty years to make another movie mr burns: i guess this is the end i just wish i'd spent more time at the.

(homer thrusts the plant in lisa's face and accidentally drops it out of the treehouse, where it breaks on the ground below) homer : oh my god, oh my god, oh my god okay, let's get our story set. Seventy-five funny homer simpson quotes on life, laziness, and never trying that reveal the infinite wisdom of everybody's favorite simpsons character seventy-five funny homer simpson quotes on life, laziness, and never trying that reveal the infinite wisdom of everybody's favorite simpsons character originals galleries. Homer simpson bush meme generator homer simpson meme generator homer meme doh homer simpson bush gif generator homer backing into bushes gif homer bushes this picture means to me learning can be done by the joker play personality type.

The 100 best classic simpsons quotes here are 100 of the most cromulent quotes from the first eight seasons of the simpsons, ranked (fairly randomly) from worst to best from homer vs the. Homer simpson quotes quotes tagged as homer-simpson (showing 1-7 of 7) “i'm normally not a praying man, but if you're up there, please save me, superman. The wise homer simpson once said, “i’m a white male, age 18 to 49 everyone listens to me, no matter how dumb my suggestions are” he’s also shared many other profound pieces of knowledge. One of america’s most enduring fictional tv couples is homer and marge simpson – the simpsons have been on the air for over twenty years is their marriage a model example of how to make a long-term relationship endure, or is it an example of what not to do on the surface, the simpsons’ marriage seems riddled with trouble. 20 classic simpsons quotes you can use in everyday situations by jason serafino jason serafino is a contributing writer at complex who covers movies, tv, and comic books.

Homer simpson quotes 12k likes place your favourite homer quotes here for us all too read get your friends on here lets make this group. 13 homer simpson quotes curated by successories quote database read homer simpson famous quotes. A gallery of words over images of the best quotes from the tv comedy cartoon series the simpsons. 15 homer simpson quotes to remind you why you love ‘the simpsons’ – part 1 some people believe the golden age of 'the simpsons' has passed, whereas others still love it as much as the day they first saw it. Homer simpson love quotes homer simpson at his romantic best share flipboard email print alberto e rodriguez/getty images entertainment/getty images literature quotations quotes from movies & tv homer is at best not the brightest tool in the shed and, yet,.

The simpsons quotes homer: (wearing glasses) the sum of the square roots of any two sides of an isosceles triangle is equal to the square root of the remaining side man: (from inside a bathroom. Episode references gags appearances gallery quotes credits burns verkaufen der kraftwerk i married marge radio bart homer: 1980 happened before you kids were born, and there was a lot going on the hits of supertramp, the dark horse presidential candidacy of john anderson it was an exciting. The simpsons first appeared in its current format in 1989 since then it has become hugely successful and is the longest running us sitcom it would never have lasted so long if it did not have some of the funniest writing on tv while fans debate whether the series has gone down hill in recent series i think we can all agree that it has given some great laugh-out-loud quotes.

  • Dating, summed up in 1 gif the simpsons see more simpsons quotes the simpsons movie simpsons cartoon cartoon tv cartoon characters ugly baby funny cartoons funny moments funny things funny homer simpson quotes - dump a day i can't wear a pink shirt to work everybody wears white shirts i'm not popular enough to be different.
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Join to talk about the wiki, simpsons and tapped out news, or just to talk to other users make an account it's easy, free, and your work on the wiki can be attributed to you. Homer simpson humor i'm going to the backseat of my car with the woman i love, and i won't be back for ten minutes bart, with $10,000, we'd be millionaires. From homer and bart to ralph wiggum and apu, these fifty funny simpsons quotes capture the hilariousness of springfield find this pin and more on this reflects poorly on me by caroline things that “the simpson’s” has taught us.

Homer simpson dating quotes
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